Designing The Perfect Star Wars Room In Three Easy Steps

Light Side Star Wars Room Framed Art by Nathan Owens Geek Art ZPREP

Dark Side Star Wars Room Framed Art by Nathan Owens Geek Art ZPREP

Designing The Perfect Star Wars Room In Three Easy Steps

Where do you start on your journey to designing the perfect Star Wars room? Ask Star Wars fans what they like about the franchise, and you’re going to get a variety of answers to the story, the action, the epic scale of a galactic battle between good and evil, or any combination of the above.

The one thing most can agree on, is that the story and characters speak to them in some way. The Star Wars universe and the characters who inhabit it may indeed be fictional, but that doesn’t mean they don’t connect with them on a personal level and that they have an impact on our lives. That is why so many fans opt to transform their living spaces into full-on Star Wars rooms.

Today, we’re going to delve into what makes Star Wars art perfect for decorating your pad, along with tips on designing your own geek apartment that’ll be the envy of every hardcore fan out there. You may even find the perfect Star Wars art for your place right here, and nothing would honor me more!

What Makes Star Wars Art Great?

Thought pieces on art will list criteria ranging all the way from visual appeal to social significance. Ok…so what? Star Wars art has all of that and something more that transcends its appearance: awe-inspiring characters!

The iconic figures from the Star Wars universe are instantly recognizable, carrying with them sentimental value that reaches to the core of long time enthusiasts and casual fans alike.

There’s hidden meaning behind each character that encapsulates their individual archetypes and speaks directly to our inner geek. We admire Chewbacca for his strength and loyalty. Yoda embodies the value of wisdom and patience. Boba Fett reminds us of being…well…a badass! And of course, Darth Vader and his devastating dark side power! You see, Star Wars art isn’t just good looking, it’s got a message to deliver and can serve as a symbol of your own personal qualities.

Star Wars Room Wall Art 3 Piece Collage

Star Wars Room Wall Art 3 Piece Collage Dark Side

Star Wars Room Wall Art 5 Piece Collage

Star Wars Room Wall Art 10 Piece Collage

Designing Your Star Wars Room

I focus so much on characters in my work because it allows you to mix and match your favorites when envisioning your grand design. You can pepper a few about the room, or even work them into a colossal Star Wars wall collage, if you’re feeling bold!

Step 1

The most critical part of your collection will be prints. It’s not a Star Wars room if the walls are a blank canvas! This should be easy. Jot down a few of your favorite characters, then head on over to my store page and get a few complementary pieces showing them in all their glory!

Step 2

There’s a subtle skill to arranging prints in your home, so make sure that you brush up on some tips for picking out what artistic elements work well together.

If you decided to get a few of my wall prints, you’ll need to know how to hang a picture without it looking crooked. Many of my prints come with frames, but there’s also a chance you might want to pick a custom frame to complete a specific look.

Want to go all out and create that wall collage? A fan after my own heart! It’s a great way to fill a space. Make sure you perfect your hanging technique first, then follow a few simple steps to plan and arrange your art.

Step 3

Once you’ve got the wall art squared away, it’s time to handle the rest of the decor. You’ll need pillows, and you may want to look into comfortersphone cases, tote bags, mugs, and t-shirts to add that final bit of Star Wars panache! 

Go Forth And Decorate

My range of Star Wars art covers all the bases you’ll need to complete your perfect Star Wars room. Remember to concentrate on your favorite characters and pick out the gear you like best. May the force be with you!

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