About The Artist

It doesn’t matter that fictional characters are fictional.

It doesn’t matter that we can’t speak with or physically interact with them.

What does matter, is that they have made an impact in our lives. And that makes them real.

Like you, I’m enthralled by the dimension those characters bring to stories from other worlds, galaxies, or multi-verses, whether they be on the big screen or on small pages.

My name is Nathan Owens, and I am a geek. I love Star Wars…and yes, Star Trek, Marvel…and yes, DC! No need to choose one over the other, when I can have all that is awesome!

With so much inspiration out there to pull from, I bring my own style to those character representations that, I feel, bring something new to the table.

There’s so much love for these worlds that I feel I’m a part of that, if I’m going to contribute at all, I should do so in a way that has not been done before.

I grew up a kid obsessed with drawing (comic book characters, mostly). I started drawing TMNT’s in the third grade and never looked back. From there, the flood gates for inspiration were open; Superman, the Predator, Batman, Spiderman, X-Men, Deadpool, Doctor Who, and of course, Star Wars! The list goes on.

The joy I get from illustrating is magnified 10x when I can absorb myself into that story and character. Confession; I enjoy the process so much that I immerse myself as much as possible…watching, reading, listening to soundtracks…you name it! Sincere thanks to my wife for her continued patience with me.

When I’m not illustrating, I’m either outdoors hiking and off-roading in my Wrangler, or indoors, sipping on whiskey and chilling to Netflix .

Since you share my love for these characters, I invite you to snag a tee, print, or mug, and join me in unleashing your geek!

May the Force be with you!

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